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Jiang Heng (江衡是)


Jiang Heng

Heng Jiang nace el añov1972 en la  Provincia de Guangdong
1996 Se graduó en Bellas Artes del Departamento del Sur de China, la Universidad Normal de Licenciatura en Artes grado

As an important representative of the Chinese “Cartoon Generation,” Jiang Heng enjoys his reputation for enhancing the distinct cultural elements of his subjects. His latest series, Beauty, will be exhibited at the Shanghai Art Museum, ending July 10. Beauty focuses on the distinct features in the faces of modern women, through which the artist hopes to represent the main elements of what constitutes beauty from both an ethnocentric and collective standpoint. Jiang Heng’s skillful brushwork and use of color enable him to fluently express his understanding of our rapidly changing society and its standards of beauty, while at the same time commenting on the effects of post-modern consumerism on our aesthetic values.

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  1. Me gustò, hermosas pinturas

    Me gusta

    Comentarios por Francisco Vidal — 26 enero, 2012 @ 18:00

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