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Xiao Guo Hui

Guo Xiao Hui

El juego es una parte vital de lo que somos como seres humanos. Se encuentra en todas las culturas y expresa la esencia  de lo que somos. El juego es la diferencia entre vivir y existir simplemente.

Las pinturas Guo Xiao Hui capturan la energía física y emocional del juego. Inspirado por las composiciones equilibradas de Piero della Francesca (1415-1492) y las figuras escultóricas de Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506), Xiao utiliza el medio tradicional del renacimiento florentino, temple al huevo y óleo para crear un trabajo directo, inspirado.

Nacido en Guangzhou, China, 1969, se licenció en Bellas Artes, Academia de Bellas Artes de Guangzhou, Guangzhou. Actualmente vive y trabaja en Toronto.

Nos dice el autor:

»I began painting with oil until I made a pilgrimage to Italy in 2004. I spent day after day visiting chaple after chaple, marvelling at the great master’s great paintings from Giotto to Piero Della Francesca. I was in awe of these masterpieces. I don’t see anything old or out of fashion in their work. On the contrary, I noticed that their precise composition, fantastic ability of managing colour and their solid construction make these paintings universal and timeless. This trip was a pivotal moment where past experiences came together to solidify my calling for painting.
I heard a very seducing voice urging me to follow their guidance toward the realm which I want to attain. After this trip, I started to use egg tempera working on canvas to transform my inspiration. Egg tempera is an ancient technique which brings more transparency to the colour. Thus, it gives the painting an unique temperament. I have become so enamoured with this technique. I love the way egg tempera feels and that it requires to nish a painting stroke by stroke. I believe that a good painting should be done with great patient and passion. Just like an enthusiastic believer praying to the god. I practice with egg tempera yet I never forget the infl uence of Oriental Art, especially the ancient Chinese art which is ingrained in my blood. The way the ancient Chinese artist manages the “blank” space to create implied meaning and sense of equibrium in composition have deeply infl uenced my painting. Aesthetically, I love to stand far away from reality in order to recreate a reality that takes reality by surprise. I am fascinated by play for I believe that only in play is our true nature revealed.
Year after Year, I have been exploring this universal theme, which, like art, cuts across the boundaries of culture and language.»

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  1. El encuentro de Oriente con Occidente da como resultado cosas tan maravillosas como estos cuadros. Gracias.

    Me gusta

    Comentario por decaminoaningunlugar — 1 septiembre, 2012 @ 14:04

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