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Yang Tianwen

Yang Tianwen
male, was born in 1961, is a native of Cangzhou, Heibei province. He is presently a professional artist of the Cangzhou Art Academy. He graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Hebei Light Industrial School in 1982 and graduated from the postgraduate class in Beijing painting Academy in 1994.
Yang specialized in Gongbi flower-and-bird fine brushwork paintings. The description of birds in his work is especially lively and exquisite and also brought into extreme harmony with the background. In fact, the techniques of handling opposing effect are highly manipulated in his painting. His works not only retain the reserved cultivation of the traditional Chinese flower-and-bird fine brushwork, but also contain a trendy breath. This prompts the formation of his individual artistic style.

In 1994, his painting “Wind Rustling and Bird Cawing ” was collected by China Calligraphy & Painting Research Institute. Meanwhile, “Scenery of the Frost at Dusk” participated in the 8th Chinese National Art Exhibition. His work came under the hammer at the Zhuhai Calligraphy & Painting Auction in 1996. His works were selected into the Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Famous Artist’ Works held in Hong Kong in 1997.

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  1. Que sensibilidad hacia la naturaleza denotan estas obras, como tantas de la pintura china. ¿Será la influencia taoista?

    Me gusta

    Comentario por Hesperetusa — 20 julio, 2013 @ 12:27

    • No se contestarte, Hesperetusa. En un principio las «natualezas» no me atraían mucho, pero a medida que he ido concociendolas, cada vez me sorprenden más, sobre todo las de este estilo, me parecen de una belleza inmensa.

      Me gusta

      Comentario por cuadernoderetazos — 21 julio, 2013 @ 17:14

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